Saturday, 3 December 2016

First blog report (WHY I STARTED THIS BLOG)

I have created this site and blog to share the details on several coins and artifacts which I found in India along the Coromandel Coast!

During my career as a construction superintendent I found this treasure which I now would like to share with you and the world.

I found these various items which I believe belong to a lost European vessel (VOC or other East India trade). This wreck contains artifacts with large historical value and potentially could contain thousand of coins ect, please check this blog and the story behind it.

I hope that this blog (which was created in Aug 2016) becomes powerful enough to connect / find and mobilize people and knowledge via the internet to uncover the history.  It would be great to discover the relation ship between the artifacts and their origin.

This blog aims to gather information and share knowledge on the history of European presence on the Coromandel Coast during the past centuries and to provided and unveil details on the history of the Spanish / Portuguese and Dutch presence in India during the past centuries.

It is my goal (and dream) to recover the details and facts related to ""the secret/unknown" of the treasure which I carry with me for many many years.

I hope you can assist me during my voyage.